Currently in Korea!

Annyeong n_n Hi there! How are you?
I landed in Korea 2 days ago and it's raining like hell.. I was two busy to blog but I'm doing this post right now!
I'm so happy because I like Korea so muuch! I'll tell you why in another post Hihii
I went shopping and ate delicious food! Spicy but soo yummy!
In fact, I'm living in a Gosiwon, this is where student live when they don't have much money and aren't with their family so I kinda feel like I am a real korean :p Exciting!

Ok, now I'll tell you what I bougth n_n

Because my skin isn't doing well these days, I bought a set of Skin Food's Agave Cactus Gamme ^^
The toner & the emulsion
The cream

I like these products a lot and I also like how they smell! I can really feel that my skin is better now! The emulsion and the toner were each KRW18,000 and the cream KRW20,000! Not that expensive hun~
And today, I bought 2 nail polishes from Etude House, one is blue pale and the other one is light green matte. I didn't try it yet so I can't tell you if it's good or not :s

I also went to DongDaeMun today. There are a lot of shopping centers there and it's only for clothes! It's quite cheap so it's cool! I bought 3 skirts, 2 tshirts, 1 dress and 1 jacket :D Too bad, I didn't bring my camera I can't show you.. Everything is good about the skirts, the dress and the jacket but when I wear the Tshirts I bought, it's so ugly! It's because I have wide shoulders and it's not that pretty.. I feel like a man wearing women's clothes.. This feeling is..NOT GOOD! Yes it's one of my countless complexes.. I still have to buy tshirts so yeah, let's do with it.. It's not like a I can do something about it..

I am kind of tired now si I'll fiish this post here n_n I'll ask my cousin to lend me here camera~ Maybe I will be able to show you what I will buy~

See you next time!

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