Hot Summer ♪ Part 2 - M! Countdown

I was thinking if I should do the part 2 right now or not.. Because it takes hell of time to make a post :o Anyway, because there is no one at home and that I'm bored, I'll do it now! Get ready for the part 2! There will be much to read Mouahaha~

M!Countdown July 21st Hehehe I have to tell that the Korean Music Shows are amazing but their organizations too! First, it's free. You don't have too pay anything! Then, if you want to get in, you can't just queue like when you go to see a movie. There are many queues for each fanclub and 4 queues for each fanclub! Why 4? Because their is one for the members of the official fanclub with CD, one for the members without CD, one for the non-members who just have a CD, and one for the ones who have nothing. It's clear that you don't even need to queue in the last one.. Because my cousin already knew that, we bought the Miss A's new album A Class since it was their comback. We arrived around 4pm and only saw Kim Hyun Joong fans. We went in the building to search Miss A fans because it's their staff who can give us a number which let us enter in the studio, but no one.. Then we asked to a security man where they were and he told us that Miss A already recorded their part and that he didn't know where all their fans were. Actually, before going out, we saw 3 girls take the elevator wearing orange clothes and we though that they were dancers but they were Piggy Dolls :o We ralized it after the show xD Let's continue.. We felt sooo disappointed! We though that we came for nothing.. All our hopes were gone but we kept walking near the building. Because there was so many Kim Hyun Joong fans, we tried to ask them to give us a number. But because we had no CD, they didn't let us.. So we continued to walk and walk and then we saw him!
Who is he? Hahhaa No one else but SS501's Kim Hyung Joon! Well in real life, his nose doesn't seem that fake! And he is so slim! Like OMG! So I'll flood this post with his pictures :p Sorry~ He was filming Mnet Wide with another girl which I don't know the name and SG Wannabee's Lee Seok Hun.

I just realized that we took so much pictures of them xD They were recording the beginning of the show, introducing the guests (which were Miss A) and used the fans to make people feel a great ambiance. But when you see how they recorded it, it seemed so fake! Hahahaa A man in black was telling the fans when to start cheering, when to stop, when to show their signs and all.. The beginning is like 50sec of the show but they recorded it 5 or 6 times Hahahaa

After that, we went back to the entry of Mnet's building and a friend of my cousin said, "There! Miss A fans!" I don't know how she saw them because there was soo many people! We went near them and there was actually with Miss A's staff, who gave number to let us enter in the studio. I was always so amazed by how the fans knew the fanchants even during the first comeback stage. But now I know why.. AHAHA The staff gives paper which indicated how to sing to support the band n_n' They were also selling 'slogans' for KRW5000 (around 4€) each. Because we were 4 we bought 2. We went in and the show began~ We realised that there was also a fanclub for Tony An, the MC Hahahahaa Amazing! What I wrote on the paper means France. I wanted to let them know that they had a french fan! But well I failed to show them. As you can see, it was done in the street, out of the blue xD The paper I used is actually the guide for the fanchant xD

The show lasted for 1h30! Like I said, some songs are pre recorded so when it comes to their turn, the idols would still come on stage to perform their songs but are not serious and play with fans Mouahaha So funny! 2PM didn't showed, because they had another schedule I guess. The filming team of the show only played their songs but everybody was singing and dancing Put your Hand Up! Miss A are just amazing! Boyfriend was in the show and OMG their fans are so crazy! I didn't even heard them singing! I though I was becoming deaf.. Then MBLAQ came on stage! That was even worse o.o How can a girl scream so hard? I had 2 MBLAQ fans behind me :o But I have to say, Lee Joon is handsome *o* And they were soo 'stylé' xD But the same as Boyfrind I did't heard them singing.. What a shame u.u

T-ara were the winners! Congratulations~ When they sang the encore song, some were already leaving and the ones who stayed continued to sing and dance n_n T-ara cried u.u They were so cuute! And Jiyeon is flawless~ Beautiful :o And Hyomin looks like Jessica! No I'm telling the truth Hahaha Eunjeong didn't look as chubby as on screen n_n But I don't think that Roly Poly is an amazing song... We managed to take some pictures!
My cousin said, "Let's take a picture with T-ara" like, us in the crowd and them on stage.. Total failure XD All we saw on the pictures were our big faces Hahaha Of course, I won't post our picture n_n It would be a suicide xD So here is how my post ends n_n I'm so tired.. I wasn't thinking of doing 3 parts but seeing how long is this post, I'll stop here~

We went to M!Countdown by subway. We had to change lines like 3 or 4 times. After our last change, we got in the last train. We were all quiet listening to our music. Then a man sitted in front of us. When I saw him all I could do was to say OMG. xD He was so handsome! 'Stylé' and manly.. I stared at him until we arrived and we lost him in the subway station because we went to the toilets.. You won't imagine who he actually is... Thinking about it now, it's not that amazing but yeah xD He was one of the backup dancer of Hyuna! Even when you are a backup dancer, you have to take the subway xD Korean Companies are bad xD and maybe that he's a trainee :o Don't know don't know... Check out the video, we can't really see him but he is the one always dancing on your left side n_n In the very beginning of the video, he is the one who doesn't wear a cap and has short black hair~ He doesn't seem handsome but I swear he is in real life xD

Credits: Addynick

I put this song on repeat while writing this post so I'm sharing this with you! Our baby dolphin has such an angel voice ♥

Credits: Satomi709201

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  1. Omg j'ai tout lu xDD
    Bon je parle en french hein trop la flemme ^^
    TRUC DE OUF C'est free ?? C'est archi bien !!
    Au début je pensais que c'était Kim Hyung Joong mais en fait nan.. bon l'autre est pas mal aussi xD
    T'as vu les piggy dolls sans savoir que c'était elles MDRR Hahaha
    Et le backup dancer xDDD J'arrive pas trop à le voir mais quand j'étais en Corée j'ai vu plein de BG aussi !! Hahahaha
    Bon j'ai fini mon roman j'espère que yaura une suite hein ! Bye <3