Sawadee kha!

Hi there! Sorry.. Haven't post for so long!! :o Anyway I'm now in Thailand for the ice competition of my little cousin Théo! Oh yeaah! Not as good as last year but we had to expect it since his level is higher~ Check out his performance which was done today 11.08.15

Credits: Yeeotong18

Hella proud of him! He's my babyyy~
And this is how we wait in the lobby and discover our new hotel room!
Ohh! Yes~ And these are my new glasses! Hehehe~ What do you think of them? n_n I don't have much to say ahaha I stayed 12hours at the ice rink :o I can't feel my legs anymore.. And it's hella cold inside! Felt like becoming an ice cube Mouahahaa!

And sorry! I'll post my Hot Summer Part 3 when I'll be back in Hong Kong!

And just for your information, my boyfriend wrote me a song!

Up to you to check the lyrics translation!


  1. NOOOON ! I've written a beautiful com but I deleted >.< Start again:

    Ohh a new post ! ^o^
    Wa Theo is cute & amazing~ Thin too ahah

    I immediatly see that you change your glasses, you're as cute as ever ;D I'll change mine on october :p

    Do you recognize who writes with this crappy english ? C. Of coursee! ahaha~

    See you soon, look after yourself!

  2. Mmmh... I'm not too sure u.u Sorry I can't recognize you! Maybe because your English is not as crappy as you say huun

  3. Ahahah what a beautiful compliment :P This is Cathouu~

  4. Wouah ~ I've never seen you act like this *o*
    You're so cute >.<

    Ice skating.. I've always wanted to try u.u
    Let's go when you'll come back :D

    Ah by the way ! I love you glasses :P

    PS: Guess who I am ^^

  5. Hahaaa I never thought it was that hard to guess who is writing.. Sorry u.u BUT! I have my idea~