Yay! Their new albums! Actually, it's quite good~ I like Back to Tomorrow and this album makes you wanna dance~ Both of them did good job in terms of vocal! Proud of them really~

I heard somewhere that they might come back soon as 5 and I know that's just a rumor like others but yeah, it's a wish that I really want to be fulfilled..

Concerning JYJ's concert, it's all done! I have my plane tickets, booked a hotel room and of course, the concert tickets!

Today was such a tiring day, with 3 exams.. Wrote like a crazy and it's so damn hot outside! We are in autumn..

MUSIC BANK in Paris! February 8th 9th~ I hope it will be free like always but well, I'm almost sure it will be n.n Unfortunatly it will be on Wednesday and Thursday.. So let's see if I can go~

2011 KOREAN BRAND & ENTERTAINMENT EXPO! From December 1st to December 3rd I actually don't have much infos about that but I'm so excited since there will be fan meetings!

Looking forward to all events related to Kpop in France!

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