Part of my Babies in Barcelona!

OH MY GOD! Never been this crazy! Stalking an airplane on a web application~ I think they really drive me crazy :o I'm finally in the same time zone as them!

Not many fans at El Prat airport! I wish I could go there u.u They will be happy to see so many fans, different ages, genres, races everything ♥

Fans waiting for them 
Credits: @JYJSpain

THEY LANDED! \o/ *Clap clap*
Now, waiting for them to show up! Go Cassiopeia, make JYJ happy and cheer for them~ Not too much please, as they're probably damn tired..

Waiting, waiting, waiting... All I'm doing is to wait

They are heeeeeere!

Credits: @JYJSpain

Credits: @Jumotic

A beautiful limousine waiting for them!
Credits: JYJSpain
Can't wait to be on Saturday! I'm almost breathing the same air as them~ *Please, understand me, it's late and I'm sleepy xD*

Yoochun Oppa! I'm not forgetting you n.n Just that it will be 0545 when you'll arrive so I'm sure that I'll be sleeping like a enormous baby .


  1. can you do your skincare routine please?

  2. and make up routine please!

  3. I am piu cou cou ! It is so amazing to see them in real right ??? Enjoy your time to see someone you love and to do something you want when you are young !! I always support you !! 화이팅 !!!!