This is just a need for me to write this. To let a mark of the promises that I did to myself...

Be a little less pessimistic and a bit more enthusiastic. 

If I achieve this, then, everything or almost will be perfect~ Oh! And the most important! I will take pictures with the ones that I cherish :D I want memories with them, with you. I will also learn to love myself, as I am. Nobody will be able to change me, not even myself, so what's the point of this ? It will be a little bit long but short enough to not let you get tired of me :)

Thank you for being here, Catherine, Clémence and Sindy And you will be proud of me n.n


  1. I will always support you and if you change I will be there to stop you ♥ 혜민

  2. Ooh~ 혜민 you're so cute n.n Thank you once again, and don't worry, I'll share the gifts with you ! You know what I mean huh !

  3. Hahaha 고마워 지연아 ~