It's finally OVER !

Hello dears~

Finally, this week of exams is over ! And what is better than a concert to relieve stress ?! Hehe Welcome to the Super Show 4 in Paris (120406). Go Super Junior ! The show was amazing even if I don't especially like this band :p And of course, thank you for getting me the chance to see this show. I am proud of you, and it was amazing seeing you working ^^ You looked awesome, as always~

Oh ! And I forgot ! I have a new phone now Hehehe

So, let's start with the SUper Show !

 Everyone is getting ready, and the audience is excited !

Finally, they are here, starting with Superman !

Aren't they cute like that on the floor ?

Sungmin's hot stage ! Surprising Hehe Dancing like that with a female dancer~

 Kyuhyun is such a great musician !


And this is for you Catherine ! I tried to took several pictures but they were all blur t.t Sorry...

HAHA Their parody of Sunny, was so funny ! The funniest for me, was probably Ryeowook aka Golum ! And Siwon was the less original :s We all know that he has a beautiful body so no need to wear Super Man's costume :p
I tried to take pictures of Eunhyuk with his white costume but big fail... Sorry Cath t.t



The ending was so touching~ Leeteuk shed so many tears ! 

And voilà ! The beautiful  blue ocean ! ELFs were amazing too. Welcoming Super Junior like you did, it was awesome ! Hopefully, I'll be able to be in a red ocean in Paris!

Clémence, aren't you thankful to me and to him ? Mouahaha Being able to see them that close Hehe Leeteuk running towards the fans wearing flip flops, Kyuhyun waving like a baby~ And the best, Eunhyuk bowing to us, looking at us and Siwon bowing too, and the last words he said was for us : "Good Work" HAHAHA Anyway, you know what I mean n.n

You took so much risk doing it for us, just to make us happy and to prove your friendship with Eunhyuk and Siwon haha And once again, I am so proud of you~


  1. How close were you ??? S.

  2. Mmh.. Not far not close Haha This is the magic side of the Zéntih :D Wherever you are, you can see them well ^^

  3. I still can't believe I was part of a Sapphire Blue Ocean :') Of course I'm thankful !! ㅋㅋ ^ ^ Let's see what's neext! work work work ;P <3