Hot Summer ♪ Part 1

Before I start, I so want to say that I slept at 630am yesterday so I might write wrong things.. It's amazing how I manage to sleep at the same time as my french buddies :o

So now, let's go! Summer Vacation in Korea Start! From July 14th to July 27th

I won't say how amazing this country is because I'm bias. Anyway to tell you the truth, I did not do sightseeing. I just lived like a real korean student, not leaving in a hotel, not waking up a 7am everyday Hihii

So this is how small a one person room looked like.. Just the place for a desk, a cupboard and a bed.. Btw, this is not my room Hihii Sorry Piou Cou Couu.. I see that you were watching The Greatest Love while taking this picture huun~

Some days after my arrival, direction Apgujeong! The Korean Champs Elysées, where all the Korean Entertainment Companies are, so if you want to stalk some of your favourite idols, just go to Apgujeong! And it's amazing how there are plastic surgery clinic everywhere you look :o Even in the subway station, all the walls are covered by ads for plastic surgery.. Scary Scary Well and there, I went to Yoochun's ice cream shop! Mouahahaa Of course.. He wasn't there as he was busy filming for his drama Miss Ripley which I think is not a good drama.. Unfortunately.. Sorry Yoochun u.u I forgot to take a picture of the front of the shop so yeah... Let's do with what's inside. I'll comment the following pictures if I feel inspired n_n'
Many many different flavors~ And the price is OMG! Why is your ice creams so expensive Yoochun? Just tell me why~ I'll understand if you tell me that you did them.. We ate a large cup, Blueberry, Tim Tam, Mango for KRW6500 (little less than 5€) It was sooo good! and they really filled our cup until there's no place left. And I even got stickers of Yoochun! Oh well Yoochun, you know how to do business!
A cupboard just for fangifts! Owww so sweet~ Do you see how many Mickey Mouse there are here?! Do you even like him Yoochun aah? I wasn't aware of this so I didn't prepare anything.. Next time, I'll do it!! We can even buy Tshirts with 6002theMicky on it or cup with his face on it..
Oh well, a signed picture by/of Yoochun on the wall~ Couldn't resist
I just love this picture~ I don't know why but these two brothers make me smile.

After this long stop at TimeOut - why long stop? Because we were all on our iPod, stealing Yoochun's Wifi Hihii - we went to 'visit' SM Entertainment. The building was so cheap that I didn't took picture n_n Anyway, you know how I'm in love with SMe right?.. Some Chinese people were waiting at the front of the building, hoping to see some idols I guess. We didn't stayed there and just continued our way. Actually I did took a picture of SMe or should I say because of the car that is used by managers to drive the idols. It's the black car! Of course, I edited the license plate n_n
After that, we went to see JYP Entertainment! It was so much better! In front of the building, there is a Mister Donut, where we could sit down and stalk at the same time! This looks a lot like an Entertainment building right? Hehehee And yes, there was an idol car too! I guess the JYP artists were rehearsing for the JYP nation in Japan! We saw 2PM's manager a lot of time, going back and forth.. And we saw many trainees too! I have to say it, they were not bad.. Mouahahaa!

Yes, all we did was to stalk.. cars.. xD We saw no artists Aigoo.. My luck wasn't there that day u.u
Oh and we also saw the restaurant Nichkhun went to when he was filming Mnet Scandal Hihii~

Ok this post is getting to long.. I'm going to stop there and continue an other day! Wait for it! And to my dearest friends or readers, it's a shame to ask that but pleaaaase~ Comment and let me feel that someone is reading this blog TT xD

So today, BBQ again.. We couldn't finish yersteday so a 2nd round tonight! OMG Est-ce que je vais ressembler à une patate en revenant à Paris? TT TT

And just because I like it so much, let's listen to the cover of Nothing on You by Wonder Girls!

Credits: kpopsubfr


  1. ahahaha! It's wonderful, I can understand your post *genious hehe 8D* I think it's not the 'truc de ouf' you wanted to tell me, but I enjoy your story ^^ Look forward to the part 2 ! :D


  2. "Anonymous said... " I wonder who you are.. Haha

    Tell us more about your trip in Korea !! I want to know everything ! (Above all when you were at Inkigayo etc.. ᄏᄏᄏ)