JYJ in Spain.. Me too~

WAOUH! I think this year is the best of the best.. I'm with very good friends at school, I'll learn Chinese and Korean (I HOPE) and THAT! I'm finally going to see them in real! TVXQ, JYJ or whatever you call them, I'm going to see them 2011.10.29~

Actually, last Summer, I went to see TVXQ2/5 and this automn, it's JYJ's turn~ OH MY GOD! I still can't realise! Thanks to Clemence too, who's always supporting me when it comes to Kpop or anything else. Even if you can't come I'm so thankful towards you~ Well, if you don't come, you'll die Ahaha

Anyway, I'm just so happy that I can't even express it by words.. Just to let you get an idea of what I'll see continue below n.n

Special thanks to my sister, who, without her, I wouldn't be able to go to Spain and to my dear uncle, who bought the tickets while I was taking class :D  Love You~

Get Out MV
In Heaven MV

I hope I'll be back with tones of pictures but beeing in the standing area, it won't be easy..

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