Dance Stage with TVXQ's Choregrapher

Finally! I am writing this fanaccount Hahaha *You know what I mean Cath* :p

Okay.. So first, I didn't really know about this dance stage. Since I was named 'Representative of JYJ's Concert' I had to stick posters all over Paris and give flyers. And one day, I planned to do this with other fans. One of them said that she had to leave because she needed to register to a dance stage. I was like O.O WHAT KIND OF DANCE? And she just said, You know, the dance stage with TVXQ's choregrapher! My jaw literally dropped. I never heard about that! And I though I was lucky haha So we all went together to register and it was so expensive! But sooooo worthy! (30€/dance class - 100€ fot the 4 days)

It started 25/10/11 and ended 28/10/11. I couldn't go the last day because I was taking my plane, direction Barcelona! Yaay! Anyway.

First day, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. First of all, when I first entered in the dance room, the only one I saw was him, TVXQ's choregrapher, Goo Hyung, aka Mihawk. For a first day, he didn't chose the easiest dance! I swear! He was going very fast since it was probably his first time teaching this kind of dances to non professional dancers.. I was sweating like hell and you know what? I can't remember a single move of this dance today.. Desperating... Mihawk was really cool and so charismatic! He spoke in English and actually, he's English is so good for a Korean! I was surprised really! At the end of the day, I had the courage to ask him to take a picture with me n.n I was the first! It was kind of awkward at first but it didn't matter :p

Day 2! Lucifer~ Actually, I was kind of sad. I don't really like SHINee so yeah.. But Lucifer is the easiest dance ever! I mean, the chorus part Hahhaa It was a lot easier, maybe because he changed his way of teaching or maybe just because SHINee's dances are less difficult than TVXQ's :p Our Boys ROCKS Hahhaa As usual, sweating like a real pig Haha My legs, my back hurt so much because of the previous day but the atmosphere was so lively that I totally forgot about that. I spoke with Mihawk and we become a lot closer Hihii At the end,we went to a fastfood restaurant (only few of us) with Mihawk and the organiser and he spoke about him, his work, SM and such! Sssshhh, it's a secret! I can't tell anything~ Actually, I didn't expect him to be like that! I thought that he was more likely to look down on people and so but not at all! He is so open minded and takes care of everybody~

Sorry for the pictures.. He put his finger just in front of the camera.. Silly you! Oh And you can see the organiser at the back Hahaha

LAST DAY TTTT Anyway, sad at first but when he announced that we were doing Mirotic, my smile was so biiiig! Well it wasn't that difficult but really.. Boysband's dance, it's not of my level Hahaha You need the style, charisma all the things I don't have Hahhaa Anyway, I was sweating the most this day. I don't know if the heater was on this day but it was particulary HOT! Nothing much to say about it.. I was soooo sad at the end of the day TT Another secret I am telling to you Hehe He knew that I wasn't coming the next day, and he hugged me! He H-U-G-G-E-D me~ Hahha I was so surprised anyway I took some pictures again, the last day xD

OMG I look so silly in this picture.. Sorry for your eyes
Anyway.. I miss everyone from this dance stage.. And a particular thought to the organiser who went back to Korea for the SBS Auditions~

Some videos of the amazing Mihawk!

They did Before U Go the last day, as you can see :p I wished I was there~

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