UGB Mask Review

Here I am again, with another mask review! UGBang Mask~
Well, actually, I got this mask as a sample because the first time I went to Korea, we went to a Duty Free Make Up Skin Care Shop as Korean Brand like UGB or Laneige are well known by tourists.

As you can see, this mask was supposed to give me a healthy face! :p  But I didn't have any other informations about this mask but well, I still put it on my face. Actually, it was a lot less watery than expected. The serum was more like a gel or something like that.

About the smell, I have nothing special to say. I was not amazed by it but that's doesn't mean it stunk Hahaha

After putting it on my face, peeling it off and massage my face, I clearly saw a difference. My face was so bright! But I have to say that before putting the mask on, I was so tired and such that I found this mask amazing! But one thing.. My skin was not smooth, it was more sticky. I don't know how to explain this but I'm sure you've got what I mean. Maybe this mask was not appropriate with my type of skin? I don't know.

So you can still try it and buy it on Yesstyle or Ebay or anywhere else. I know that UGB is not that cheap as this brand is one of the most important (I think..) Personally, I don't think it's worth buying knowing the price..  Hopefully, I got mine as a sample~

Smell: ★★★

Sorry, no picture of my lame face this time hahaha n.n
See you next time for another mask review~ Probably next month!

And wait for my fanaccounts on the Dance Stage with TVXQ's chorgrapher and on JYJ's concert!

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  1. Hi!
    I got a whole heap of these on my trip to Korea and I got a 'deal' on them. I think they're actually quite good! Mine came in a dark red/maroon package. I agree they do feel slightly sticky but after massaging the remaining serum-like substance in I could feel the difference. My skin felt well hydrated after.
    I also purchased the day and night cream. At the time, I felt like it was a sort of duty free scam. lol But after using it for ~ a month now, I've noticed that my skin feels more plump and the lines on the my face are less obvious.
    Anyway all in all I had a positive experience of this brand! Pleasantly surprised. ;)